Experiencing the 2017 Solar Eclipse

A quiet moment before the eclipse.

A quiet moment before the eclipse.

Yesterday, in the midst of the 2017 Solar Eclipse mania, I found myself sitting quietly in my backyard. No special glasses, no homemade viewing device, it was just me. Truthfully, it had been quite the hectic morning and already I had felt the effects of the eclipse on my emotions (read: this and this).

So as the time of the eclipse drew near, I gathered a blanket, some palo santo (a good stress reliever) and situated myself outside on my patio. While there was still some concrete between me and the actual earth, this literal act of grounding myself was already so comforting. 

I started paying attention to the little things around me, the eery darkening of the sky as if a powerful summer storm was announcing its arrival, birds and insects singing very different types chirping noises and flying around erratically. 

In the last few seconds as the moon covered the sun, the birds stopped chirping. They sat quietly and patiently without knowing what was next. They, unlike myself, didn't have the constant news feed telling them saying that the sun would return in about two minutes. But they didn't panic. 

And me, even without being able to look directly at the sun or projecting the eclipse through a viewer, I knew it was there. I could feel it all around me. Even when the light of the sun was dimmed, I was able to hold on to the belief it would come back.

And it did.

Sometimes in life we find ourselves with the light snuffed out. And no matter the reason why it has dimmed, in these moments your beliefs are stronger than the actual light of truth.

Make sure to take extra care of yourself this week in the aftermath of this powerful eclipse. Remember to keep your beliefs strong no matter what the current light is showing you.