Breaking Down What I Do As a Health Coach

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There is a common interaction I've been having since I left the corporate world to focus my efforts on being a Health Coach.

It goes something like this:

Person: "You're a Health Coach, so you're like a nutritionist, right?"

Me: "Not exactly. While food may be a topic I cover with my Clients, we also focus on other non-food areas of health & wellness such as relationships or their careers."

Person: "Ohhhhh okay, like a therapist. Yea?"

Me: "Still not quite. I don't have any medical training or the ability to diagnose an illness or prescribe medication."

Person (confused): "So you're a health coach, but what exactly do you do?"

So, what's my response?

Well, simply put, I work with Clients to uncover areas of their lives that may be causing them to feel unhealthy and allow them to correct these areas through a process of self awareness and self discovery.

Now, to understand a bit deeper, lets dive into that response.

What areas of my Clients lives am I speaking of, you ask? Truthfully, there are so many! Health is not just the food that's on your plate or how many hours you spend at the gym. It's about the relationships you engage in, whether or not your career fulfills and challenges you, how strong your spiritual practice is and so much more. We can't simply feel & be healthy by just eating all of our vegetables but then dreading every moment of our work week because we hate our jobs. The math will never add up.

And while we are on the topic of feeling healthy, it's important to understand that health is unique to everyone. It's not just the results of the lab workup from your most recent doctors appointment and it's also not how many laps you can do around the track. True health is a feeling that only you can pinpoint.

So, more specifically how can a health coach help you find alignment in your daily life? Here are just a few reasons how working with a health coach can help you achieve your health goals.


These days, it seems as though everyone’s to-do lists are miles long but so often the tasks related to take care of oneself fall to the bottom of the pile. While I always tell my Clients that it is them doing the work and ultimately up to them to make a change in their life, working with a health coach does provide a certain level of accountability to stay on track and focused.

The tasks we create with our Clients in order to reach a specific goal are not overly complicated and are fine-tuned to only include a few small tasks at a time. As health coaches we believe that even a few small changes can have a meaningful and lasting impact on one’s health. It can also inspire one to take even greater steps to improving their health!


Many health coaches tend to practice in areas that they themselves have worked to become healthier with in their own lives. Whether it be weight loss, making a big career change or confronting toxic relationships in their life, having a health coach who is experienced in what you are looking to achieve means they are more likely to understand the struggle and also potential ways to reach your end goal.


Health coaches are incredibly passionate about health and wellness. We believe that everyone can be healthy and everyone has the right to be healthy. While we are certainly not doctors or nutritionists, this passion drives us to be continually learning about how to build a healthy life and we love sharing this information with our Clients.

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