How can health Coaching Help me?

Feeling stuck? Have a goal you want to reach? Research shows that 6 months is the most effective amount of time when committing to new habits. That is why I've designed this 6 month program. Whether you want to lose a few pounds or pursue your life-long passion, this program will help you identify these goals, build an action plan around them and hold you accountable to making sure it gets done.

6 Month Program Includes:

  • FREE 45 Minute Initial Health Consultation
  • Complimentary Wellness Journey Welcome Kit
  • Two 50 Minutes Health Coaching Sessions Per Month
  • Written Notes & Action Steps From Each Session
  • On-going Coaching and Access to Kristen via Email & Text
  • Access to Health Coaching Materials, Including Activities, Recipes & Recommended Reading

6 Month Program Pricing:

  • $150/mo for 6 months if paid monthly ($900 total)
  • $810 if paid in full upon sign-up (10% discount)

Ready to get started?

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What Does The Program Include? 

Need some more information before you get started? See below for additional details on what the 6 month program includes.



After your complimentary health consultation and your agreement to join as a Client, we will discuss the specifics of your program, identifying the logistics as well as the overarching goals you wish to achieve during this time frame.

As a new Client, you will receive your own health & wellness welcome kit designed to guide you through this journey.

Interested in receiving your complimentary health consultation?  Click here to schedule!

Bi-Monthly Coaching Sessions

Typically, it is recommended that we meet  twice a month for hour long sessions each time.  Based on preference or feasibility, these meetings can either be conducted in-person, over the phone or over a video conferencing service such as Skype.  

During these sessions we will check in with your intentions that you have set for yourself, celebrate positive moments since our last session and decide upon actionable assignments that will help drive you towards your goal.

Following each session, you will receive notes for your records and to look back on at the end of these 6 months to see what amazing progress you have made! 

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On-going Accessibility

As a health coaching Client, your sessions are not the only access you will have to me during this time.  I will be available throughout your journey via text and email to help support you along the way.

Additionally, as a Client you will receive discounts and invitations to my workshops, online programs and other events.