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The Simply Seasonal Method for Spring

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The Simply Seasonal Method for Spring


With The Simply Seasonal Method for Spring you’ll receive:

  • 4 week meal plan including 4 dinners a week plus a breakfast and lunch recommendation.

  • Guidance and recommendations on how to use leftovers for remaining nights plus other lunches.

  • Weekly email with information about that week’s meals, the seasonal ingredients of the week and an organized grocery list.

  • Additional resources and guides to help you be more inspired to eat seasonally:

    • Spring Seasonal Swaps: What to use in Spring.

    • Spring Produce Guide: What to buy, how to store and how to cook all of the best spring produce!

First week’s meal plan is available after Friday, May 10th. Upon purchase, I will reach out to confirm the day you would prefer to receive your weekly email.

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Q: I have dietary restrictions (i.e. gluten-free, dairy-free, etc). Will the meals still work for me? 

A: The meals within the plan are almost all naturally gluten-free or can easily be made using gluten-free products (such as chickpea pasta). Some recipes do contain dairy usually in the form of yogurt or cheese but can mostly be omitted or substituted for a dairy or lactose free product. 

Q: Why do you only provide 4 dinners per week in the plan?

A: While I love spending time in the kitchen and want to encourage you to love it too, I'm a big believer that if we spend TOO much time cooking or stressing about what to make, we'll just burnout. Within The Simply Seasonal Method I teach you how to cook a few nights per week and reuse the leftovers to make meals on the fly (always helps you not to waste vegetables!)

Plus, sometimes life happens and it's good to have some flexibility in your plan for those unpredictable moments!

Q: Does the plan provide breakfasts and lunches?

A: Each week during the plan you'll receive a recommended seasonal breakfast and lunch. You can make these for the entire week, swap in some of your own personal favorites or use any of the resources you receive to help plan out other options. 

Q: I'm a vegetarian or vegan, does this plan work for me?

A: While there are a number of vegetarian recipes or options to make the meals vegetarian, some of the recipes still do include meat. If you'd like to discuss this further to see if this is the right plan for you, feel free to email me at kristen.link@wellnessbykristen.com.

The Simply Seasonal Method is not currently suitable for those living a vegan lifestyle.

Q: Do you include nutritional info for each of the recipes included (i.e. calorie counts, macros, etc)?

A: If you're new here, you'll quickly learn I'm not about that calorie count life anymore - but I'm happy if it works for you! That said, this information is not included within the plan as I believe the key to healthy eating is enjoying real food with less stress.

Q: Do I need to have access to a farmer's market or greenmarket in order to make these recipes? 

A: Nope! While I'd love it if you could incorporate a local market into your shopping routine, all of the seasonal produce included in the meal plan are available at most supermarkets. 

Q: I usually go shopping mid-week, are the weekly meal plans only sent on Fridays? 

A: You can choose which day you want to start and when you want to receive your weekly email. I'll reach out once you purchase and confirm your preferred timing. 

If you still have any questions you'd like me to answer before signing up, send me an email over at kristen.link@wellnessbykristen.com!