In Season: Slowing Down with Happy Hour at Home

This summer I’m sharing with you my Happy Hour at Home Series designed to help you slow down and take a moment to savor summer with an easy and fuss-free happy hour at home. All month I will be sharing my tips and recipes to make it happen - even during the week! Summer is truly my favorite season and I think there is nothing greater than celebrating it with those you care about over lots of delicious food!

Summer is in full swing with the arrival of July.

Summer is in full swing with the arrival of July.

The transition to July has always felt more like those moments on a rollercoaster as you slowly reach the highest point and are about to be catapulted into a speedy tunnel of twists and turns, screaming for mercy.

The build up to July is slow what with school still in session until almost the end of June (at least for us NY’ers) and honestly, the weather almost never cooperates. So we inch towards what could actually be defined as summer as if we were slowly climbing up that steep rollercoaster. And just about as soon as the July 4th holiday rolls around, we’re are fully and totally catapulted into full summer mode.

Then from there its non-stop BBQ ‘s and picnic and days at the beach. We hop from one event to the next, quickly speeding towards the next weekend just as our rollercoaster would turn the next sharp corner of our ride.

And before we know it, summer’s over.

But what if this summer, you took some time to slow down. Took some time to focus on those you really care about and enjoyed quality time together. How would that feel? Would you even know how to do that?!

Well, this July I’m going to be sharing with you how to do just that with my Happy at Hour at Home series!

I don’t think there’s a much better way to connect with someone than over food but truthfully, we sometimes make it so hard for ourselves! My goal is to help show you that you don’t need anything fussy or difficult to enjoy something delicious.

Easy snack plate ideas for every occasion.

Easy snack plate ideas for every occasion.

Grilled Polenta Bites with Blue Cheese, Figs & Honey

Grilled Polenta Bites with Blue Cheese, Figs & Honey

Cold Brew Bourbon Cocktail from Simply Summer

Cold Brew Bourbon Cocktail from Simply Summer

This Happy Hour at Home Series was inspired by many summer vacations when "cocktail hour” (aka the best hour) was a time when you would just take whatever was on hand to make some apps, add a glass of wine (or a mocktail, if that’s more your thing) and just hang around, trying to take in every single moment of the sunset.

I want to inspire you to try to capture those moments in your every day life and show you that nothing when it comes to cooking & eating ever needs to be perfect! Over the next couple of week’s I’ll be sharing:

  • a foolproof guide for making an at-home snack plate filled with plenty of pantry staples so you can enjoy anytime

  • two delicious, less than 5 ingredient appetizers: Cucumber, Cream Cheese & Salmon Cups and Grilled Polenta Bites with Blue Cheese, Figs & Honey

  • easy and fresh summer cocktail ideas

  • tips on how to slow down and actually savor your food and make your Happy Hour at Home feel a little extra special, even with minimal effort

  • two LIVE “From Scratch” cooking videos where we’ll learn to make two simple DIY additions to your at home happy hour: quick pickles & homemade olive oil & herb crackers

And of course, everything we use will be seasonal and fresh so we can be sure to get the most of what summer has to offer!

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I really can’t wait to share with you this Happy Hour at Home Series and hope it inspires you even a little bit to take some more time to slow down this summer. Thanks for being here! <3